Teaching Methodology

For achieving outstanding results and excellence, a student can rely on subject matter expert teachers and specialised, self-explanatory e-learning content created by MT Educare – ROBOMATE+

Through the Robomate+ app, a student can access study material in the form of recorded lectures (Audio & Video) of expert faculty, notes and test series for learning and revision.

How Robomate+ Helps

  • Conceptual Clarity & Analytical Understanding

    Conceptual clarity is a vital key to help students understand content and make connections between what is taught and their own experiences. Robomate+ helps by:

    • Providing simple and easy explanations that students can understand
    • Enabling learning at a pace according to the difficulty level of the topic
    • Explaining through examples and graphical representation
    • Recaps for better understanding
    • Use of Audio-Visual multimedia for better retention and reinforcement
  • Additional Support to Classroom Lectures

    A student need not worry about missing lectures due to unavoidable circumstances anymore. Robomate+ offers access to all lectures which allows to make up for lost curriculum

  • Doubt-Solving

    Robomate+ enables a student to revisit doubts time and again till complete understanding of the topic/solution is found. .

  • Revision

    Revising a subject has never been more effective. With Robomate+, a student can view lectures multiple times for recaps and thinking sessions. Use of multimedia ensures that the sensory organs readily accept and retain the topic while the learning framework ensures retention, how to connect it with last moment information and what you will know or be able to do as a result of such a lesson. Such consistent revisions from Robomate+ will help you retain topics better and deliver extraordinary results 

  • Help Before Exams

    Just like a friend in need, Robomate+ stands by your side 24 x 7 during stressful exam times, helping you cope with study loads, exam pressure and at the same time helping you grasp subject material. Robomate+ is indeed your friend, helping you beat exam stress as well as solving all your last minute exam-related queries over and over again!


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