Special Features

  • Faculty

    The teachers at Mahesh Tutorials undergo an intensive training program and knowledge sessions to ensure that they are abreast of the latest alterations in the syllabus and teaching techniques. With over 25 years of achieving outstanding results at the board exams, Mahesh Tutorials has the best faculty with a proven track record.

  • Comprehensive Study Material

    Comprehensive and well researched study material, relevant for the examination is given to all students to complement their class room coaching. A team of experts compiles content so that no other book is required for reference. The content is designed in a very simple and lucid way. In addition, there is an exhaustive section of multiple choice questions per chapter with detailed answer keys.

  • Robomate+

    Mahesh Tutorials School understands that experiential learning helps in making complex concepts easily comprehensible. Hence, a new dimension is lent to the classroom experience by using audio-visual technology to create graphics, animation and footage across topics, so students can retain terminologies easily. The unique feature of TAT is that teachers have developed this teaching aid themselves, which helps them teach better.

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